Enhance Features + Feel Younger


Anti-aging treatments

Restore facial harmony and reduce or eliminate wrinkles + scar depressions + superficial fines lines, and enhance your natural features! Additionally, replace soft-tissue + volume loss. Dermal fillers are used for natural looking results in conjunction with neuromodulators, like Botox, or Dysport, to contour the jawline/lower face, correct and restore volume loss in the face + cheek areas.


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Dermal Fillers Before & After



How Injectables work

We use hyaluronic acid as well as other substances such as poly-L-lactic acid, to diminish the signs of aging by filling in fine lines + wrinkles. This adds volume to areas of the face affected by volume loss, and restores youthful contours + proportions.




Why we love it 

 ✓ Look + Feel younger
 ✓ Improve imperfections
 ✓ Little to no downtime
 ✓ Anti- aging benefits
 ✓ Reduce fine lines + wrinkles
 ✓ Restore volume loss
 ✓ Reduce under eye "bags"


*The results from most dermal fillers are temporary, they can last anywhere from a few months to about one year.

Treatable Areas + Cost

The cost of Juvéderm and Restylane is different for each individual. The cost depends on the treatment areas, the number of injectables, and if you combine fillers with other treatments like Botox. The best way to receive a personal treatment cost is to schedule a consultation. During your visit, you speak one-on-one with an injection specialist. They listen to your goals and then create a plan for achieving your aesthetic needs.

 ✓ Eyes
 ✓ Cheek Bones
 ✓ Lips
 ✓ Chin
 ✓ Nose Contour
 ✓ Smile Line
 ✓ Jaw Line

Ready to purchase?

1. Eyes-$350

The Russian Eyes are almond-shaped and upturned, in which you can achieve a more lifted look with this non-surgical procedure. This aesthetic look is well known with celebrities like Kylie + Kendall Jenner.
  • Visible results, Leaving your face with a more youthful look

    2. Cheek Bones-$750

    The Russian Cheek Bones adds volumes + contours + lifts cheekbones without surgery. This liquid cheekbone contour is used to achieve a slimmer face appearance, smoother tighter skin, and a more youthful asymmetry. 
    • Replenish volume to face symmetry 

      3. Russian Lips-$650

      Say Hello to beautiful New Lips! This perfect heart-shaped pout has minimal pain, zero downtime, and almost no bruising! Life is short buy the lips you want!
      • Visible hydrated results, Leaving lips plump glowing and balanced


      4. Chin-$650

      The Russian Chin is a streamlined lower face element for attractiveness. This non-surgical treatment adds definition, creates symmetry, and brings balance to facial features. 
      • Visible results, a more balanced face symmetry

        5. Nose Contour-$1,500

        A Nose job no longer means having surgery! This procedure is as short as a lunchtime office visit, where you can give your nose the shape you want. Get a straighter, sculpted, and more refined shape today!
        • Visible results,straighter + sculpted finish

        6. Smile Line-$850

        The Russian Smile Line is a way to soften the Nasolabial folds also known as "smile lines." Due to the dynamic nature of this area from smiling and laughing, the smile line is a common culprit for loss of volume, creating deep valleys on the sides of your smile. This non-invasive procedure can help rewind the appearance of aging to create a more youthful look. 
        • A more youthful appearance

        7. Jaw Line-$1,500

        The Russian Jaw is a specialized non-surgical procedure that helps aid in the aesthetic quality of our Jawline. With aging the angle of the mandible increases, and the mandible is essentially the bone that makes up the profiles of the lower Jaw. Luckily, this non-invasive treatment can correct these imperfections. 
        • Visible chisled look, Leaving lips plump glowing and balanced

          8. Face-$2,450

          The Russian Face is very contemporary and model-like, as are the Russians, and shies away from your typical 'done and overfilled look' but again without any compromise on volume or lift. Your side profile also stays beautifully balanced.
          • A more youthful appearance

          Injectable Side Effects

                    Common side effects following treatment procedures can include, but are not limited to: bruising at injection site, numbness, temporary redness, swelling, pain/tenderness, or discoloration. Cosmetic injections require very minimal downtime, and patients typically return to work and their normal activities after treatment.