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Say goodbye to stained teeth and brighten your smile in a matter of minutes with our Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment. A whiter, brighter smile can make you look younger or just have you feeling your best. If lifestyle habits have begun to dull your smile, restore the sparkle with teeth whitening. Get a White smile today today that will leave your smiling from ear to ear!

$185- for 45 minutes

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Teeth Whitening Before & After




How Zoom Teeth Whitening works

Zoom is a teeth whitening process widely recognized as one of the best in the world, and is used in multiple countries as an industry-leading practice. Zoom in-chair whitening uses the Zoom Advanced Power Lamp to accelerate the whitening process and activate the hydrogen peroxide whitening solution. When the hydrogen peroxide is activated, it begins a chemical procedure where the dentin and enamel of your teeth are bleached and still maintain the structure of your teeth for maximum safety and security.


Why we love it 

 ✓ Quick + easy treatment
 ✓ Safe + painless procedure
 ✓ Reverse staining + yellowing
 ✓ Increased self-confidence





The Process of Teeth Whitening 

The process is about an hour. We begin by making sure your teeth and gums are protected in the first instance before applying the Zoom hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide solution then works together with the Zoom Power Lamp to break down the stains and discoloration in your teeth. The solution remaining in place on your teeth will set for 15 minutes along with the lamp concentrated on you. Then the gel is applied for 3 separate 15-minute sessions. Once the procedure is completed, sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste is applied to your teeth as a finishing result.



How long will whitening results last? 

Every person is different, and the results of your teeth whitening procedure will vary. Several factors come into play like, environmental elements and others. For example, if you are a smoker, regularly drink teas, or coffee, it's more likely to see a reduction in the length of your white teeth. Zoom teeth whitening treatments usually last anywhere between 6 and 12 months, you can maximize your results if you take good care of your teeth and maintain your whiteness at home as well.




Are you a good candidate for Teeth Whitening?

 Professional teeth whitening treatment has proved its popularity but because high-powered bleaching agents are used, it’s not suitable for everyone. Those who are pregnant, have decaying teeth or are under the age of 16 should avoid laser whitening. Book a consultation here to determine if you’re a suitable candidate.