Bacial (Back Facial)


Exfoliate + Extract Toxins + Hydrate

The Bacial (Back Facial) involves a process of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the skin on the back, in addition to applying a mask. This facial also includes an extraction process to clear out blocked pores and reduce the severity of any present back acne. A back facial is good even if you do not suffer from back acne, and is an enjoying treatment. A back facial can be incorporated into your wellness routine. After a month of frequent facials, you should focus on your back too. This can not only help you get rid of acne but make you look and feel better, not to mention the benefits of taking some time to relax and decompress. The end result will leave your back feeling clean and clear, allowing you to wear backless tops, bikinis, and low-cut back items with confidence.


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Bacial Before & After


How The Bacial works

A back facial is exactly what it sounds like: the practice of treating the skin on your back in the same way that one would treat the skin on the face. The back is first cleansed and then exfoliated. During the exfoliation cleansing, pores are deeply cleaned to remove impurities and imperfections from beneath the skins surface. Then a mask is applied. The final step involves moisturizing the back to hydrate with a light, relaxing massage.   

Why we love it 

 ✓ Safe on all skin types
 ✓ It cleanses + exfoliates the skin
 ✓ Eliminates bacteria on the face
 ✓ Helps prevent future breakouts
 ✓ Nourishes the skin with vitamins + antioxidants
 ✓ Leaves skin feeling soft 
 ✓ Stimulates collagen production




What can the Bacial help with? 

 ✓ Targets acne
 ✓ It cleanses pores + exfoliates the skin
 ✓ Eliminates bacteria on the back
 ✓ Helps prevent future breakouts
 ✓ Nourishes the skin with vitamins + antioxidants
 ✓ Removes dead + flaky skin
 ✓ Reduces inflammation
 ✓ It cleanses pores + exfoliates the skin
 ✓ Can help decrease wrinkles + sagging skin
 ✓ Rejuventaes skin on back
 ✓ Helps smooth texture

What to expect after Treatment 

Following your visit, your back skin may feel moderately irritated,  this is similar to post-facial care. Depending on the strength of treatment items utilized to help your unique skin type, you may also experience slight to medium redness. In any event, consistent moisturization, as well as any other product application prescribed by your therapist, should be part of your post-care routine. It may also take multiple back facial treatments to completely cleanse your skin if you have persistent and chronic back acne.