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How is a chemical peel done?

Before the procedure, the patient ties back any hair and their face is cleaned. Eye protection, like goggles or gauze, is placed on the patient.At Fabbar medspa your skincare specialist might apply a topical numbing agent for some medium or deep peels to prevent pain or discomfort.

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What kind of peel can I get?

A few broad categories of chemical peels are available from Fabbar medspa. These are: light peels, which use mild acids like alpha-hydroxy acid to gently remove the outermost layer of skin and penetrate no deeper than that. Mild peels, which involve trichloroacetic or glycolic acid, which passes through the outer layer and affects the middle skin layer. These peels are able to target some issues that result from damaged skin cells. Lastly, deep peels, which penetrate enough to affect the entire middle layer of skin, rely on phenol or trichloroacetic acid to attempt to remove deep blemishes by clearing away damaged skin cells.

Why we love it?

-reduce wrinkles + fine lines
-diminish scars + sun damage
-fight hyperpigmentation + melasma
-uneven skin tone or redness
-treats a large number of skin imperfections

Our peel offerings

For all skin types

VI Precision Plus

Our most popular treatment, this medium-depth powerhouse peel works to suppress melanogenesis—the production of melanin—at the source while promoting rapid cell turnover for more even and bright skin tone. Resurfacing action reveals brighter, renewed skin for results in 7 days.

-Sun Damage
-UV Induced Pigmentation
-Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)


For all skin types

VI Peel Advanced

This potent, powerful treatment is ideal for more mature clients that want to intensify results against deep-set wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Our innovative treatment is formulated with a synergistic blend of ingredients that penetrate deeper to combat the signs of aging and soften fine lines and wrinkles. This targeted formula helps enhance collagen stimulation to increase cell turnover and help firm the skin.

-Aging Skin (Ages 40+)
-Fine Lines
-Loss of Elasticity

Samara, 29 years old, 2 VI Peel treatments


Acne scars, tone, & texture

VI Peel professional treatments feature a one-of-a-kind formulation designed to painlessly lift pigment, relieve acne and acne scars, and fight fine lines. See real results with VI Peel: the #1 Chemical Peel on the market today!

There's no limit to what the VI Peel can do. Many of us have skin issues and let me tell you this peel gives instant results! Thank you VI Peel for helping me find confidence in my own skin again."

Before+After Photos

**results may vary. Fabbar medspa is reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. unless otherwise noted, testimonials provided for Fabbar medspa are clients of Fabbar medspa who have undergone complete treatment(s.) however, results may vary per client. no treatment is promised to provide permanent results. a guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Photos courtesy of Vitality institute

Chemical Peel Frequently Asked Questions

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